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Money must not bind one into golden chain, it eases survival, it helps fulfil some noble desires, that’s all

A few words on Payment options:

The detailed information about how to make Payment is in the Orientation Guide. The payment is non-refundable. If for some reason an individual is unable to join the desired course/retreat/programme for any reason, as alternatives we can consider the payment for the similar course/retreat/programme that he/she might attend in the future or anyone else like near relatives/friends etc. who wish to join the course/retreat/programme for the same duration of time to which the payment was made or the course/retreat/programme to be organised in future.

There are different ways the Payment can be made for the Courses/Retreats/Programmes/Services/the voluntarily help to support the smooth functioning of the Yoga School. These are:

1. The first option through is via Transferwise (Please click on Transferwise to sign up and login to make payment). The Transferwise  is the simplest, the quickest and the most reliable. The Transferwise in the initial process requires verification of the individual and his/her address. This requires some hours which might seems a bit lengthy to some of us but once this is done it is the best. Please go to Transferwise and avail the best service.

2. Bank (Wire) Transfer

The Bank Transfer is the 2nd option we have. The bank charges the commission for the transfer of money which the sender is required to bear. The Bank details with relevant addresses are here under mentioned:

Beneficiary: Sanatana Yog Sandesh

Account Number: 5750201000125

SWIFT CODE: CNRBINBBPER (Main Branch Patna Exhibition Road)

I F S C CODE: CNRB0005750

Bank: Canara Bank, Branch: Harrakh, District: Begusarai

State: Bihar, Country: India, Postal Code: 851101

Address of the Beneficiary:

Sanatana Yog Sandesh, Village: Ramdiri, Tola: Ramnagar, Ward No. 3,

District: Begusarai, State: Bihar, India, Postal Code – 851129.

Address of the Bank:

Canara Bank, Param Shaurya Complex, Power House Chowk, N H: 31,

District: Begusarai, Bihar, India, Postal Code: 851101.

3. Payment through Paypal

Paypal is the 3rd option we have. The sender has to bear the transaction and exchange fees that Paypal deducts.

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***The Remaining payment can be made through options we have or in cash and a receipt for the payment made in cash will be given by the Yoga School.

Purpose behind the Payment: We are at the first place not a seasoned businessman with huge capitals. The school is more for the sake of service than for business. Every month we have a lot of expenses and this is possible to meet when we are supported monetarily as well. Apart from the fees for the Courses/Retreats/Programmes if somebody wants to support monetarily the effort  we are making through the Yoga School it is accepted and appreciated. Thanks!

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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