Online Yoga Service

Online Yoga Service:

Sanatana Yog Sandesh provides online counselling via Skype for those who are interested in seeking suggestions regarding their physical, mental, emotional, psychic and so on issues to be managed through Yogic disciplines. During counselling he/she has to unearth the issues in detail so that proper findings can be arrived at and accordingly a compact programme can be made which he/she has to continue according to the disciplines set for him/her.

Something more about the Online Yoga Service: 

We  provide personal consultancy also under this service in Europe. At the moment an individual is expected to visit us in Sweden for the service.

Yogic Discipline explained:

It includes Yogic practices, observance of silence, fasting as suggested, suggested food and more importantly considerable change in daily life style.

Way to make an appointment:

Write to us via our email: regarding yourself and the purpose for which you would like to have counselling. We reply you back mentioning the time at which the counselling can be made. There can be differences in our time so we need to be patient and prompt regarding the time management.

Counsellor: Yogabhyasi Rohit Kumar

Fee: 5000 INR (Indian Rupees) per hour excluding Bank/Paypal etc. charges/commissions.

The fee can be deposited via Wire/Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and so on. This is conveyed to the concerned person via email before the counselling is arranged.

“For those who have financial difficulties proper consideration regarding fee is accepted and in some exceptional cases this is done for free as well but it is decided on individual level. This is the sole right of the Yoga School.” 

*** This has been a great success from the last year 2015 when a  lot of people from Scandinavian countries and Europe have been reached. We can rely on this service. From 1st of December 2016 Rohit Kumar has been living in Europe. Therefore except Online Yoga Service all the Courses/Retreats/Programmes at Fort Cochin, Kerala is withhold for the time being. 

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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